Before going for doubles, master singles

Before going for doubles, master singles

Mastering the technique in Crossfit ® is perhaps the most difficult and tedious but we should not stress ourselves with double jumps, let's first master the simple ones.


Take your mobile and record yourself from the side: 20 simple jumps looking at your feet; from the front looking at the arms and 20 simple jumps enjoying and relaxed, with the body active but without tension.

Camber measure

The shorter the rope, the more difficult and faster the double jump will be. The experienced athlete will have to fit the rope to fit the nipples and the beginner slightly above the nipples.

Common mistakes

The most common mistakes are feet in front of the hips or heels lifting toward the rear. In addition, you must check if the movement is of the shoulders, elbows or wrists, in addition to trying that the arms do not separate much from the body, since the difficulty will be greater.

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