How to choose better options for your diet?

How to choose better options for your diet?

Before you go on intermittent fasting, ketogenic diet, supplements, etc. The basis of your diet should be real food

Let's first learn how to differentiate real food from ultra-processed food. We are going to differentiate food into 3 categories: real food, good processed foods and ultra-processed food (Realfooding Division)

Real food

It is one that only has one ingredient and also most of the time it does not indicate it. Vegetables, fruits, meat, fish ... A tomato has the tomato as an ingredient and a pear has the pear as an ingredient. Your diet should be based on this type of food since it is the gasoline that your body expects.

Good processed

They are those foods that rarely exceed 5 ingredients. To identify them we must turn the package or bottle and read the list of ingredients and follow some instructions.

    • The first ingredient is the one that occurs to a greater extent in the food. For example, some roasted peppers have bell pepper, acidulant and salt. The pepper to a greater extent and no more than 5 ingredients.
    • You should avoid those foods in which the first ingredient is sugar or another type of sweetener and vegetable oils since this will be like pouring coca cola into your car in the tank.
    • Another indication for the more advanced is to pay attention to their nutritional information and avoid those foods that exceed 5-6 g of carbohydrates of which sugars.


They are all "foods" that do not fall into one of those two categories. They usually have more than 5 ingredients and a high presence of sweeteners and vegetable oils on their list. These foods must be very occasionally, they cannot be the basis of your diet.

At first you will have the feeling that you cannot eat anything and that everything you bought was wrong. Do not be overwhelmed, go step by step, changing your food for better options and keep informing yourself that there is no better investment than investing in yourself and your health.

From Rhinun we want to recommend the page and the account of Realfooding because you will learn to differentiate these types of foods much more easily.

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