Thinking of taking your Rhinun on a trip? Learn how to organize it!

Thinking of taking your Rhinun on a trip? Learn how to organize it!

Our Rhinun have a capacity of 45L and if we do not fill it entirely it is perfect as hand luggage on the main airlines. We are going to give you some tips to organize your luggage.

Tips to organize your luggage

  • Plan the clothes you are going to take: Organize the clothes you are going to put in for the number of days you are going to be away. Try to limit the just in case, repeat pants or shirts one day or even use the laundry service in some hotels.
  • Roll one garment over another: Longer and larger items (such as pants) use outer layer and smaller items (such as underwear) on the inside. This way it will take up less space than separately.
  • Be careful with valuables: If your idea is to go on the trip with your backpack on your back, try not to carry too many heavy valuables in it. If you go straight to the hotel, don't worry because there you can rearrange your backpack. Your Rhinun has many ways to increase or decrease its size so you can configure it both for the plane and for a day backpack if you are going to do an excursion.
  • Travel with the heaviest luggage on: If we get on the plane with our boots, the coat, jeans, in short, the garments that are more bulky. This way we save them from getting into the Rhinun and we gain space.
  • Avoid exceeding 10 kg: The ideal weight is between 7 and 9 kg, both due to airline restrictions and for your comfort when carrying it. Your Rhinun has grip on the waist and chest to better distribute the weight of the backpack on your body.

Rhinun, perfect for hand luggage

I took the Rhinun on a 5-day trip to Dublin as carry-on luggage and took:

  • 5 changes of underwear for each day
  • 4 t-shirts
  • 2 jeans
  • 2 vests
  • 1 toiletry bag
  • Personal documentation

Let's prepare and organize those trips planned when they open borders!

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