Rhinun 2 holes grips

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Rhinun fairways ensure you the greatest lightness and resistance, with a soft interior to protect your hands.

With their soft and breathable fabric, the Rhinun straps will make you have the best hold on the bar thanks to their flexibility and lightness.

Waterproof, washable and breathable, with a sturdy velcro on the wrists for added security, these straps are customizable!

Don't be the first to get off the bar, hit hard on your most gymnastic wods

Is it your first street? Don't worry, we advise you

2 or 3 holes?

The 3-hole straps are perfect for gymnastics on the rings and, however, for the bar the most commonly used are the 2-hole ones.
For people who have a wider hand, the 3-hole straightener holes have more base so it covers more space in the hand, which can be harmful for people with smaller hands since the lack of contact with the bar can cause insecurity.

Next you can See the size of the hand, and, according to these measurements, the one with 2 or 3 holes will be more comfortable and useful.

Don't you know what your size is?

Take a ruler to measure yourself and decide if you want to protect the palm of the hand (Size A) or if you are one of those who want to protect the fingers, do the gymnastic fold or do not put your fingers directly (Size B).

8cm - 9cm | 3.14 ”-3.5” S M
9cm - 10.5cm | 3.5 ”-4.1” M L
10.5cm - 11.5 | 4.1 ”- 4.5” L XL
11.5 -… | 4.5 ”-…. XL XL

How do I wash the street?

We recommend letting it breathe, hooking it to your Rhinun backpack for example, or letting them dry by hanging them out, DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE!

If she has any blood stains, wash them by hand.

The streets do not need any more special care, just put them on and practice.