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  • BUTT WORK : If you think that these bands are only useful on an aesthetic level, you are very wrong. These bands will solve your gluteal anmesia problems or what is the same absence of it. Many are the crosstraining athletes with this problem and with a basic routine they will improve a lot.
  • QUALITY : Unlike the rest of bands, these will not twist up like latex bands. Strong and durable, you will never have to replace them! Ideal for multiple exercises.
  • MULTIPLE EXERCISES : The most interesting exercises are: monster walk, clamshells, gluteal bridges, hip thrust and gluteal bridge. From RHINUN we will help you achieve your goals by teaching the exercises, we will not leave you alone!
  • INTENSITY : The pack comes with 3 erasers, the black being the strongest and the aquamarine green the least strong. Correct, less strong, there is no soft rubber that you can break in 10 days without wanting to. Legend has it that someone used aquamarine once.

Take advantage of our incredible offer and get our pack of elastic bands with which you can do all the glute and leg workouts that you need.